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Choke and coils


Choke and coils are available in custom-made models and specification

Choke and Coil Applications:
Computer, Power supply, UPS, Boost & Buck choke, EMI / RFI Suppression and Wideband choke coils .
Prevent , Minimize and Absorb Noise in Compliance with VDE,FCC,UL etc.
Example : Speed Control Equipment, Switching Power, solar inverter, Uninterruptible Power System,  electric vehicle and medical equipments, Supplies Spike Noise (spike killer)
Prevent Noise Intrusion
Example : Terminals, Communication Equipment , Computer Monitors, TV sets , VCRs and etc.

Features & Electrical Characteristics about Choke and Coils :
Inductance, allow current and power range are design for user.
UL/C-UL, VDE, CE, IEC recognized components
Operating Temperature : -40J to 105J
Switching Frequency : 60KHz ~ 500KHz(Optional for designed).
Use core type like Amorphous, Kool mu ,High Flux, AMCC,  iron Core, Ferrite Core, MPP Core,etc.